Based just outside of New York City, Accelerated Data Decision, Inc. is a retained executive search firm founded over 35 years ago by Walter Sullivan. +ADD has made a lasting reputation for itself in the Mining & Metals, Chemical, and Heavy Manufacturing sectors as the retained search firm of choice. We have placed everything from Board Members to Accountants, to personnel in remote mining locales around the globe. By providing our clients with the human capital that they require we have helped them to staff and expand their foreign and domestic operations for over three decades.

why us?

Our focus on three core areas: Quality, Communication, and Accountability has continued to be a proven formula for success. Recruitment is constantly evolving.  Positions change with automation, outsourcing, the economy, geo-political shifts, and technology. That means the requirements that our clients demand from their work force continues to evolve and change as the years pass.  In order to meet our clients demands we stay in consistent contact with a vast pool of candidates who are open to progressing their careers, while at the same time engaging the best and brightest that are fresh to the work force.  These relationships allow us to produce the highest quality candidates in the shortest amount of time.  Our open lines of communication with our clients allow us to keep them updated on current market conditions, industry trends, and the most sought after talent on the market. Honest and open communication is extremely important to us when working with clients and candidates alike and business can not be conducted with out it. Lastly, but certainly not least is accountability.  For over 35 years, we have signed the contracts and maintained direct responsibility for executing the assignments. When we partner with a client you will not be passed along to a junior associate, but instead will maintain consistent direct contact with a principle of +ADD until the task is complete.   

Quality, Communication, and Accountability. There is no substitute. That is why our clients have chosen to reinvest in our services for over 35 years.