Forbes.com has ranked us the 39th best Executive Search firm in the nation, out of 17,000 firms that were considered in 2019. We have a combined 55+ years of experience in reviewing, correcting, and tailoring resumes to highly sought after positions.  These range from the maintenance shop, to the boardroom, to NFL and NBA head coaches. We’ve seen them all. We’ve seen brilliant individuals passed over because of a poor CV, and unqualified candidates obtain roles beyond their skill level due to a brilliant resume.

Our critique and review of resumes had previously been reserved for select candidates that we have worked with over the years. Resume writing is an art. It takes time, thought, a good honest conversation, and a few time-tested tips. We review, edit, and sort 100’s of resumes everyday, but the average person may only create 3-4 updated versions of their resume throughout their entire career. It’s not surprising that some need help when it comes time to apply to the roles they desire.

If you lack the content, key words, and polished format that corporate recruiters and hiring managers seek when they are sorting through hundreds of resumes you will not receive a phone call. Your paperwork will be lost in the abyss that is the online job portal. We can teach you what is happening behind the scenes and formulate a plan to attack the process. In order to do so, much needs to be done over the phone before the writing begins.


  • We have an honest 1-on-1 conversation to get to know you, your background, the career path you seek, and any obstacles you may need to overcome.

  • Once we’ve gotten to know you we will discuss the types of roles you are likely to apply for.

  • We will then move on to specific roles and discuss what best suits you and why.

  • We will request some required information from you and begin the creation of your CV.

  • Once your resume has been created we will contact you to review, discuss, and address any further concerns or alterations.

  • Your final documents will be provided to you in MS Word & PDF Format and we will keep copies on file in the event that you need a copy down the road.


Our service includes a one on one call to discuss your goals as well as digital copies of your resume, and document storage should you need a copy in the future. We charge a set fee of $300. We aim to help you not just by creating a beautiful resume, but by sharing our insight into the job market so that you can better understand what is happening throughout the process. You will walk away with both a professional resume and knowledge of the hiring process that will help you to achieve your career goals.


Please email us directly at resume@addinc.net and include the best telephone number for us to reach you on. Our initial consultation is free and will provide you with an opportunity to learn more.